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conservation banking

 “an environmental market with one aim: preserve and improve nature”

"Conservation banking, kown as well as habitat banking, are a guarantee for natural resources preservation (species and priority habitats) and at the same time it offers rural development opportunities. It's a chance that allow sustainable development and income generation by environmental conservation activities".

¿what is conservation banking?

Conservation banking is included in the Spanish Environmental  Assessment Act(Ley 21/2013 de Evaluación Ambiental). A conservation bank is a terrain where there has been actions to improve, create or conservate threatened species or habitats. This actions makes a quantifiable improvements   in them that can be materialized in environmental credits. This credits can comercialized.

This environmental actives guarantee that the environmental improves are preserved in the future by the stablishment of guarantee tools.

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¿what are conservation banking advantages?

Conservation banking allows rural owners to obtain incomes by the development of biodiversity improvement actions. What once was considered a liability for a property , can now become an opportunity for value creation.

Project developers who have to perform environmental compensation due to unavoidable impacts on habitats or threatened species may also benefit from conservation banking. In particular, if they are committed to their development, they reduce the risks and costs associated with the compensation measures development, while ensuring that they are conducted in an efficient way.

Possibly, the great benefit of conservation banking is society. With the guarantee of public administration, banks allow effective compensation of environmental damage. It cuts red tape and simplify the necessary steps to track and  monitor their implementation. All with a core objective, ensure that biodiversity is not lost.





ecoacsa and conservation banking

Ecoacsa is a leading company in the development of business lines related to conservation banking or  habitat banking. In this area, Ecoacsa provides the following services:

- Comprehensive consultancy on all aspects of conservation banking: assessment, design and development.

- Project Management on habitat banking.

- Cost-benefit analysis of conservation banking investment or alternatives to purchase environmental credits.

- Coservation banking promotion.

- Training on conservation banking to governments, businesses and educational institutions.

- Public participation programs , communication and outreach related to conservation banking. Courses , seminars , in-company training ...





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