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 “we provide the information necessary to meet environmental markets.”

habitat banking

Habitat banking is created for compensation of environmental damage. Habitat banking can absorb damage caused to nature by the development of an activity through environmental credits. In Spain habitat bankig has been included in the legislation as conservation banking.

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biodiversity in companies

It is necessary to integrate consideration of ecosystem services and biodiversity into business decisions in order not to take unnecessary risks when planning and not to miss opportunities within the development of new business lines.


Ecoacsa has participated in a business and biodiversity  working group in CONAMA. In this group it has been made an evaluation about the relationship between Spanish companies and biodiversity:

environmental services

Ecosystems provide multiple services. We know and appreciate many of these services but others remain unknown. All of them are essential to the maintenance of biodiversity, individual economy and social welfare. In spite of this most of the services provided by ecosystems are not "valued", and this is one reason why economics are generating biodiversity losses.


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