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January 24th, 2017

European Business @ Biodiversity platform open survey

The European Commission believes that businesses have a strong role to play in halting the loss of biodiversity. In fact, European Business and Biodiversity Platform (EU B@B Platform), of which Ecoacsa Reserva de Biodiversidad is Full Member, has launched an open survey to strengthen our mutual engagement in the integration of natural capital and biodiversity into business practices and help to halt biological diversity loss.

If you carry out your work in the field of biodiversity and believe in collaborative work and constructive criticism, your knowledge and experience are vital in this survey. Thank you very much for participating!

You´ll find more information about the survey in the following link.






December 2nd, 2016

Economic, environmental and social opportunities of mainstreaming natural capital into decision-making processes

Conama 2016 ha been extremely productive and interesting this year. After four intense days, 150 technical events and more than 7,000 attendees, the 2016 edition closed its doors with a wealth of lessons learned, projects upon which to reflect, consolidated initiatives and others that are becoming real and ideas to continue defending that the answer to the challenges that lie ahead is green. Technical session no. 18 (ST18), coordinated by David Álvarez, Executive Director of Ecoacsa Reserva de Biodiversidad, was dedicated to natural capital and during this session the presentation of the Natural Capital Protocol was conducted, as well as examples of successful regional initiatives and entrepreneurs that incorporate natural capital into their respective strategies.

For further information, click this link.


November 24th, 2016

Den Hague Business Accord on Natural Capital

To contribute to the sustainable management and conservation of natural capital a number of companies have committed to work on the theme of natural capital in the post Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (PBEE) era (i.e. 2017 and beyond) and to integrate the subject more deeply in their daily operations using some practical business steps. The commitment made by these companies is set out in the Den Hague Business Accord on Natural Capital.

Corporate frontrunners support the Den Haag Business Accord on Natural Capital. This is a diverse group of large, internationally operating companies, small and medium sized enterprises, and start-ups. Each and every one of those companies has already embraced the necessary changes, in their corporate strategies, and in their value chains. Because dealing in a responsible manner with natural capital reduces dependency and offers opportunities.

For further information about Den Haag Business Accord on Natural Capital, click the following link.

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