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In compliance with Royal Decree Act 13/2012 and in accordance to art. 2.2 of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act (LSSI), this website collects its own cookies -small archives of data which are sent to your browser from a website´s server- as well as those of third parties, to collect user entry or registration information; upload and reproduce content forms or plug-ins; advertising, and create statistics, among others.


The present policy wishes to inform you of the different cookies collects, both its own and those collected by third parties, communication exemptions and the available channels through which you can reject, enable or block cookies. Should you choose to reject, block or enable cookies, informs you that this may affect the quality of your browsing experience. uses two categories of cookies to collect information:


-Strictly necessary cookies to offer a service or content demanded by a registered user. Their purpose is to remember sign-in information; tool preferences when browsing and using contents; content access localization. These cookies may have a specific duration: immediate expiration; expiration when the session ends; temporary expiration. Below you can find an informative box on these kinds of cookies.


-Non strictly essential cookies to offer services such as third parties advertising; browsing information; browsing habits; performance improvement. This type of cookies obtain information for the following purposes: manage advertising space; learn browsing habits -behavioural advertising-; analyse and measure results. As the above mentioned cookies, these may have different expiration dates: imminent, daily or longer. 


-Google Analytics: anonymously collects browsing information for statistical purposes. For more information: Goole Privacy Centre and Google Analytics opt-out add-on. This type of cookies are:









If you wish to prevent your data from being collected, you can modify your browser´s configuration. Click on the appropriate link for more information on Internet browser configuration if you wish to manage your cookie preferences. Chrome, Safari, Opera, Explorer and Firefox.


If you are browsing our web on a mobile device:


-iOS: for information on how to block and disable cookies in Opera Mini click here, in Safari here, and in Google Chrome here.


-Android: for information on how to block and disable cookies in Mozilla Firefox click here, and in Google Chrome here.


-Windows Phone 7: for information on how to block and disable cookies, click here.

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When browsing, you can access services provided by third parties, especially through social media, which use your identification information in order to share different content. 

How do we register information through our web will keep you updated on cookie collection and privacy policies when downloading and installing apps. is not responsible for the cookie policies and practices of third parties, which is why we suggest you access news and sources of information provided by third parties through the links you can find in this site. For further information, clarification or any complaint regarding cookie policy and practices, please contact us by email: The information here provided may suffer some modification due to cookie policy updates or amendments. The Spanish Data Protection Agency may issue instructions or recommendations which might affect said policy.