Align project to host its first interactive, online event dedicated to biodiversity measurement & natural capital management accounting

The Align project organises its first project-wide event from June 3 – 10 by attending a series of seminars and workshops dedicated to natural capital management accounting and biodiversity measurement.

The first event is open to the public and will be a seminar on Natural Capital Management Accounting on 3 June (3.00- 6.00 pm CEST). Here we will be identifying biodiversity-inclusive, natural capital management accounting practices within financial institutions that the Align project can promote in future guidance. We will draw on real-life applications from ASN Bank, BNP Paribas Asset Management and ING Group to show how natural capital and biodiversity are integrated into financial decision making.

The seminar will discuss the challenges financial institutions face, how they might be overcome, and the implications for uptake of natural capital approaches within the financial sector. The conversation will explore potential methods, indicators, and criteria for measuring biodiversity that will contribute to the development of a standardised approach for measuring biodiversity impacts and dependencies by business and financial institutions.

The remainder of the event (7 – 10 June) will host four dedicated workshops for the Community of Practice and the Technical Hub*. Together, we will discuss the move from alignment to standardisation and explore several initiatives and frameworks that require biodiversity measurement for reporting purposes. Our objective is to identify areas of standardisation required for businesses and financial institutions working to measure their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity. These interactive workshops will shape our outputs by gathering feedback from the community through panel discussions and breakout room discussion. The workshops will also enable information exchange between technical developers and the business and finance community to promote an understanding of business needs as we collectively work to develop a standardised approach to biodiversity measurement.

*Note that the biodiversity measurement workshops will require registration through the Align Community of Practice (CoP) and/or the Technical Hub (TH). The TH is comprised of a subset of the CoP and will discuss technical details on standardisation. Click here to express your interest to join the Align community and become a part of the conversation. Further details can be found online here.

Align is a three-year business-focused and business-driven project. We invite businesses and stakeholders in the field of natural capital management accounting and corporate biodiversity measurement, valuation and disclosure to engage.

Download the programme for the Standardising Biodiversity Measurement event.



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