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We are a Spanish company whose goal is to advance, promote and encourage the integration of natural capital in companies and organizations and help them in their transition towards sustainability



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Natural capital and the Spanish energy sector. The experience of the Work Group Natural Capital and Energy

Eight companies in the Spanish energy sector -Cepsa, EDP España, Enagás, Endesa, Iberdrola, Naturgy, Redeia and Repsol- have worked collaboratively for three years, coordinated by Azentúa and Ecoacsa, to agree on a common terminology, framework and methodology for the identification and valuation of natural capital, applicable to the global energy industry.


The work has been developed within the framework of the Sector Groups of the Natural Capital Factory -Spanish hub of the Capitals Coalition-, promoted by Ecoacsa.

The natural capital is our ally to integrate the value of natural resources in your business model

Our mission

Motivate companies and organizations to incorporate the numerous resources and benefits nature and its services have to offer in their decision-making processes, so that those who are responsible for defining strategies understand, use and manage them responsibly

Work Areas

We help the corporate sector better understand its relationship with natural capital and how it can be included in the decision-making processes

When financial institutions realize how their investment portfolio is impacted by and depends on nature, they can better contribute to a more sustainable economy

In order to boost funding of environmental conservation, we promote market tools aimed at nature preservation


We advance and facilitate the transition from “business as usual” to “sustainable business” and identify associated challenges

We improve environmental accounting processes, identify the impact and dependencies on natural capital and evaluate ecosystem services

When designing and managing corporate environment, using criteria which prioritize biodiversity improvement, increases the positive effects on employees´ and visitors´ well-being

Through collaborations and partnerships with other organizations, we improve our knowledge and refine our strategy, to make the environment everybody´s business

We bet on innovative projects as a necessary tool to motivate and generate opportunities which will in turn, promote sustainable practices

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Member of the TNFD

We support the Leaders' Pledge for Nature

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