LIFE methodology and LIFE Key Europe tool to support European companies committed to the conservation of biodiversity

In the framework of the EU Green Week, we will participate on October 14, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (CET), in a partner event  organised in collaboration with the LIFE Institute. During the webinar on the LIFE Methodology and the LIFE Key Europe tool we will address how this methodology helps organisations interested in promoting biodiversity conservation to measure, evaluate and communicate their actions in this field, as well as to establish a minimum performance that they must achieve according to their size and impact.

In the aftermath of coronavirus crisis, there is a growing interest in deploying stimulus packages at scale to drive an economic recovery. This opens a window of opportunity for the design of strategies that integrate longer-term sustainability considerations, including solutions that boost the economy and generate positive environmental outcomes at the same time. These include conservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystem services that sustain the prosperity and resilience of countries in the face of crises such as pandemics.

In this framework, interest in natural capital accounting is growing and there is a clear demand for methodologies that incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem services. The LIFE Methodology developed by the LIFE Institute of Brazil provides metrics that help business and financial sectors in this task. Specifically, it provides information on the importance of impacts on biodiversity, as well as support to communicate the positive environmental performance of the conservation actions.

In addition, the LIFE Methodology also facilitates the identification of key gaps or improvements that can be implemented to obtain better results for biodiversity.

Maria Alice Alexandre, Executive Director of the LIFE Institute, will use business cases examples to illustrate the application of the methodology and the positive results obtained. She will be accompanied by David Álvarez, Executive Director of Ecoacsa, who will detail how the process of adapting this methodology to the European context has been carried out.

You can find more information here and the link for registration below.

"LIFE Key Europe: Tool for business biodiversity management"

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