Our Projects

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We believe in the potential of innovation as a necessary tool to motivate and create opportunities which promote sustainable practices with a positive social and environmental impact. Our projects wish to channel knowledge and innovation regarding natural capital and motivate businesses and other economic agents to include biodiversity and other ecosystem services in their management and investment decisions.

Our own projects

Natural Capital Factory

The Spanish Regional Platform of the Natural Capital Coalition that brings together its members around natural capital approaches with the aim of ensuring that nature is included in decision-making

Natural Capital Summit

Natural capital benchmark congress in the Spanish speaking community

In 2019 the Natural Capital Summit and the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform (EU B@B) jointly organized the 2019 edition of the “European Business and Nature Summit”

Mercados de Medio Ambiente

First Spanish platform to provide information on market instruments available to businesses and other agents interested in nature conservation. It also materializes Ecoacsa´s commitment to social awareness

Projects in which we participate


Supporting businesses, financial institutions and other stakeholders in developing standardised natural capital accounting practices, including a standardised approach to biodiversity measurement


Integrated and intelligent management of complex forests and mixed-species plantations in the Southwest of Europe


«Boosting Green Infrastructure Through Biodiversity-Oriented Design of Business Premises»

Logo Boosting Green Infraestructure Through Biodiversity-Oriented Design of Business Premises (BooGI-BOP)