Reporting on biodiversity is growing

The results of the latest biodiversity barometer produced by the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) reveal that beauty, food and beverage sectors increasingly include references to biodiversity in their corporate reports and websites. Data from the 2020 edition show that references to biodiversity continue to increase: in the beauty sector, it was 49% of companies – from 13% in 2009. In food and beverages, it was 80% of companies – from 53% in 2012.

Biodiversity is gaining importance among consumers. Since the 1st edition of this report, which started coinciding with the beginning of the UN Biodiversity Decade in 2010, 78% of citizens say they have heard about biological diversity (this was 67% in 2010) and 82% consider that buying products from companies committed to biodiversity has a positive impact.

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