The ESG strategy at the center of energy transformation. A decisive decade

On July 22 and 23, the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) organizes the summer course “The ESG strategy at the center of the energy transformation. A decisive decade”, coordinated by EDP Spain, in which experts from different disciplines will address for a day and a half critical topics such as climate neutrality and adaptation, decarbonization through the circular economy, the value of natural capital for business, innovation for transformation, and just transition and recovery funds.

The course will start on the morning of July 22 with an opening session that will be attended by the Presidency of Cantabria, the Chancellor of the UIMP, the Presidency of EDP and the Secretary of State for Energy. This session will be followed by the round table dedicated to “Climate neutrality and adaptation” (11:30 am), in which the roadmap towards climate neutrality of the energy sector, the perspectives of the industry before decarbonization, increasing the resilience of energy infrastructures: the challenge of climate adaptation for the coming years and carbon markets and emissions compensation will be discussed.

The afternoon session will begin with the panel of experts on “Decarbonizing with the circular economy” (3:30 pm), during which the debate will focus on the role of the circular economy in the fight against global warming, how to incorporate a circular economy model  in organizations adapting the generic concept of circular energy to their reality, how large organizations can promote this economic model in their business fabric and the measure of “circularity” as a lever to achieve the transformation of an organization.

The highlight of the session on the first day will be the round table on “The value of natural capital in companies” (5:00 pm), in which Ecoacsa participates with other professionals and during which issues to be addressed will be the importance of measuring the impacts that organizations cause on nature and the dependencies they have on it, the need to define objectives and establish common guidelines to conserve nature, actions in biodiversity as a means to strengthen the value of natural capital and the value of natural capital in qualitative, quantitative and economic terms.

The conference on 23 July will draw attention to “Innovation for transformation” (09:30 am) and the ” Just transition and recovery funds”. Panelists will discuss in the first round table to what extent the transformations we are experiencing are effectively guiding basic research, how private capital has responded in 2020 to the challenge of the pandemic and how it faces the transformation in 2021 and what role do Spanish technology platforms play in energy transformation processes.

The zenith of this UIMP summer course will be the second round table on the role of the European Green Deal in the competitive growth and transformation strategy of the European Union based on efficient use of resources, decarbonization and a just transition.

You have further information about the course and how to register in the following link.


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