What needs and challenges do your business or financial institution have when exploring and completing biodiversity measurement and natural capital management accounting?

The Align project recently presented has launched its first Annual Survey to gather input from businesses and financial institutions across the EU (and beyond) to develop guidance and recommendations on a standard for biodiversity measurement and natural capital management accounting.  

Align is a three-year business-focused and business-driven project. Businesses and other stakeholders in the field of natural capital management accounting and corporate biodiversity measurement, valuation and disclosure will have various opportunities to engage in the project throughout its lifespan. Among the engagement activities is an annual survey.

 The objectives of the Align Scoping Survey (Year 1) are: 

The target audience is the Align Community of Practice and the Technical Hub, but also the wider Community of Interest and other interested parties (for further information on opportunities for engagement click on the following link). The survey will be open until Sunday 25th April.

Members of the Align community are joining as individuals and are not representing their organisation. In this regard, respondents should aim to answer from one perspective which represents their current experience and views. 

Complete Align’s first Annual Survey here. For further information about Align’s project click on the following link.

Align is funded by the European Commission, and led by WCMC Europe, Capitals Coalition, Arcadis and UNEP-WCMC.

Download the information flyer.

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