Work Groups, initiatives and associations we endorse

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In Ecoacsa we firmly believe that an objective understanding of the complex natural and social systems is more than what one person or entity can achieve. Through collaborations and alliances with other organizations, we can improve our knowledge and refine our approach and strategy to ensure everyone´s involvement in the environment

We collaborate with the following Work Groups

A platform which provides a unique forum at EU level for dialogue and political connectivity where the links between business and biodiversity can be debated

An international collaboration where the natural capital global community meet to create a world which preserves and improves natural capital

We are members of the European´s Commission Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG), which works on defining a taxonomy of economic activities

Work Group on “Biodiversity accounting approaches for businesses”. Its objective is to find common ground on how impacts and dependencies on biodiversity are to be measured, monitored and reported

EU platform created to establish an innovative and sustainable way of promoting knowledge, networking and learning regarding biodiversity and ecosystems services

Initiatives and associations we endorse