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We make companies aware of the benefits of integrating natural capital in their corporate strategies. Through a range of different training options, we´ll be with their professionals every step of the training, at an adequate pace and tailored to all levels of knowledge.


We adapt the training packages to the different levels of expertise and the goals in mind. We offer natural capital introductory training, as well as more technical courses on natural capital accounting techniques and strategy design from an ecosystem approach to promote a more equitable use of resources, as well as their preservation.


Through training sessions, practical workshops and presentations, we help you gain a better understanding of the business-nature relationship. We work with practical examples to help implement up-to-date and innovative data and tools in order to make sustainable decisions from a financial and environmental point of view.


Through real examples from different sectors of activity, we showcase how each ecosystem-approach has worked, and we explain the key methods and tools deployed in their implementation.


Our training is for all those interested in learning and implementing natural capital tools which will help make better business decisions.


Our training programme helps understand the concepts of natural capital and ecosystem services, how they are relevant and how to identify them.

Business who understand natural capital can

Access capital markets

Detect/reduce risk-related costs

Anticipate legal-related risks

Access new business niches

Reduce dependencies on natural capital

Improve their brand reputation and image

Become a sustainability reference

Products and Services

Introducing natural capital and ecosystem services concepts (EE. SS.)

Natural Capital Protocol implementation

Financing strategies

Transition from “business as usual” to “sustainable business”, drivers of change, challenges and opportunities associated with natural capital and ecosystem services in all manufacturing and financial sectors

Natural capital and EE.SS. accounting: we use evaluation frameworks to assess processes and document the scope and status of natural capital´s assets and EE.SS. flows. These offer valuable information regarding their quality and quantity, which leads to an improved management

Natural capital and EE.SS. evaluations: we advise you on the best approaches and tools (qualitative, quantitative, monetary evaluation, EE.SS. identification and mapping, participation methods with interested parties) to measure and evaluate the EE.SS. in specific contexts. This allows planning ahead for future risks and modifications of land use or production processes, which offers multiple benefits

“If you can measure the natural capital and ecosystem services´ assets, you can manage them.”


Training courses


Skills training

Participation in work groups