How to align business action with Science-Based Targets to protect nature

On March 9th the Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN) organizes the online event “Introduction to Corporate Engagement” (at 12 pm EST, 17:00 CET) to show how Latin American and Spanish businesses can start to set a clear course of action to protect nature and the climate in line with science.

SBTN enables companies and cities to transform into sustainable organizations that will thrive in a nature positive, net-zero future.

This event will be delivered in Spanish and will be co-hosted by Ecoacsa, UN Global Compact Mexico, World Resources Institute, Capitals Coalition, UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, CDP, and World Wildlife Fund Mexico.

Corporate Engagement Program

As members of the SBTN Corporate Engagement Program, we acknowledge that all life on Earth, including human life, depends on clean air and water, rich biodiversity, healthy soils and oceans, and a stable climate. These are the Global Commons: the shared resources that ensure a habitable planet where we can all thrive.

The impacts from human activities are the primary drivers of environmental change on our planet and that we – as part of the public and private sectors that contribute to our economic system – can influence this trajectory of change in positive ways. Thus, Ecoacsa is collaborating with this initiative to give interested companies the opportunity to address these challenges and contribute to a global economy in which companies and cities operate within environmental boundaries on a socially equitable basis, and we see science-based targets (SBTs) as a key enabler of this vision.

There is a need of methods and guidance on science-based target setting which are grounded in an understanding of the safe limits of the planet. Built on the Science Based Targets initiative for climate – for freshwater, land, ocean and biodiversity (SBT), the initiative SBTN precisely emerges to fill this gap.

To do so, it develops methods, guidance and tools for setting a science-based target for nature to support organizations to achieve this common vision. These challenges are bigger than any one NGO, company, financial institution, sector, city or coalition can tackle alone – these targets and guidance will advance alignment across social, environmental and corporate agendas and advance multi-stakeholder collaboration toward globally shared goals. For each of us, SBTs can ensure we are doing our part to bring about a healthy future.




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