How to boost a social ecological transition

Image: EUTEC

The Digital Panel of the Ethics and SDG Commission of the EU Chamber of Technology (EUTEC, for its acronym in English) is promoting a series of online sessions on different current topics that seek to facilitate knowledge and discussion in order to increase the competitiveness of Europe, European companies and their professionals. Ecoacsa has been invited to participate in the event dedicated to “Social Ecological Transition”, which seeks to address solutions that respond to the current ecological and economic situation, as well as the biophysical and cultural crises in which we are immersed.

Our executive director, David Álvarez, has shared a panel with Mercedes Jul, Head of Product Management and Strategy at Hitachi ABB Power Grids, and Inés García-Pintos, Senior Advisor for Sustainability and Sustainable Finance and professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Value of nature must be embedded within economic thinking to influence policies and businesses decision-making to make the shift to a social ecological transition possible. Digital agenda and a holistic approach that takes into account natural, social and human capital, besides financial capital are crucial tools to achieve it.

Four key points are necessary to support transition towards a greener economic system: democratization of information, decarbonization, digitalitation and energy decentralization.

Lack of data and and the fact that often impacts on natural capital are irreversible are main aspects that make very challenging for the financial sector to integrate nature into decision-making. A disrupting change in the way financial institutions usually work is needed.

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