Boosting Urban Green Infrastructure through Biodiversity-Oriented Design of Business Premises


The EU LIFE BooGI-BOP project promotes biodiversity-oriented design of premises (BOP) as a part of green infrastructures and potential stepping-stones for biotope corridors. At the same time, the higher quality of stay due to the variety of elements also improves the well-being of the employees and thus of society

Europe is one of the most intensively used areas in the world. 80% of the area is destined for urbanization, transport infrastructure, agricultural and forestry production systems and industrial areas, according to data from the European Environment Agency.


Some 30% of the European Union territory is highly fragmented, affecting the connectivity and health of ecosystems and their ability to provide viable habitats for species. In addition, the increase in urbanization also has an impact on people’s well-being, since the affordability of green neighborhoods is decreasing, while the impact of climate change, noise and pollution particles is increasing. In addition to this there are excessive demands and time pressure, as well as the loss of a close connection with nature.


Biodiversity-Oriented design of Premises

Biodiversity-oriented design of business premises (BOP) is a pragmatic approach to contribute to the protection of biodiversity. Biodiversity-oriented measures, such as flower meadows, hedges, green roofs and water bodies, provide important permanent or temporary habitats for local fauna and flora and help to build a network of habitats, biotope corridors and green infrastructure. In addition, biodiversity-oriented sites offer employees and guests a place to recreate.

In terms of function, biodiversity-oriented company sites do not differ from a usual company site: the main function of the location is to facilitate economic activities that are not affected by the biodiversity-oriented design. Where it does not disrupt business operations, areas for more biodiversity and a higher quality of stay for employees arise! The Swiss Foundation Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft calls a site biodiversity-oriented if 30% of the undeveloped area is designed according to biodiversity-oriented principles.  



Project partners will work across Europe to raise awareness and motivate companies and related economic actors to include biodiversity as an important issue in their management and decision-making (corporate health). The project will help increase the understanding that biodiversity-oriented design can not only improve the protection and enhancement of biodiversity at the local level, but also the work environment and well-being of staff.


Through initial assessments, companies will gain an individual perspective on the potential of their facility or real estate to enhance biodiversity and well-being. In addition, they will also receive advice on the next steps for designing business environments for biodiversity. The standardization of BOP's elements, together with a toolkit, will support companies with numerous locations and those responsible for the centralized management of buildings to implement a design that improves biodiversity.

Capacity building and motivation

Architects, landscapers, gardeners play a determining role in the planning and design of facilities. During the course of the project, they will be motivated and empowered to promote biodiversity-oriented design of business and industrial environments and to contribute to the mainstreaming of biodiversity in Europe.


Throughout the project, a monitoring system will be carried out to assess the development and impact of the BOP at the business and country levels.

European network

An European network will be established to promote biodiversity-oriented design of commercial, industrial and real estate facilities in more than six European Union countries beyond the duration of the project.

BOP approach benefits

Video of the project

Best practices

Images: Lake Constance Foundation, Stiftung Natur und Wirtschaft.


In the EU LIFE BooGI-BOP project seven European partners promotes biodiversity-oriented design of business and industrial premises (BOP).


Lake Constance Foundation, Institut für Lebensbezogene Architektur e. V. (Germanu), Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung Abteilung Umwelt- und Klimaschutz (IVe) (Austria), Ecoacsa Reserva de Biodiversidad, S.L., Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Ekopolis Foundation (Slovakia).

Image (header): Plataforma Central Iberum PCI, Illescas (Toledo). 


LIFE Boosting Urban Green Infrastructure Through Bioidiversity-Oriented Design of Business Premises

Code of the project

LIFE 17 GIE/DE/000466


01/07/18— 31/12/22

With financial support

Programa LIFE de la Unión Europea