Sustainable use of the natural heritage

Natural capital and existing market mechanisms for the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems have been the protagonists chosen to close the collection on Sustainability and Natural Heritage Notebooks, by Santander Foundation. Ecoacsa participates in this work entitled: Sustainable use of the natural heritage, with a chapter on “Habitat banks and markets”.

Coordinated by the Association for the Sustainability and Progress of Societies​ (ASYPS), the publication is structured in two parts: the first addresses a conceptual analysis of natural. Authors who have contributed are

"Systemic Vision for an integrated assessment and management of capital and natural heritage within the framework of sustainability”

"Nature and life"

"Ecosystem approach. Terrestrial ecosystem services"

"Economic and social benefits of marine conservation”

The second part is more operational in nature and focuses on existing mechanisms for sustainable management of biodiversity, ecosystems and the territory. Authors collaborating in this block are:

"Agricultural metabolism and sustainable uses of agricultural systems"

"Habitat banks and markets"

"Payment for environmental services, lessons from practice"

"Tools for the integrated and sustainable management of river ecosystems and their basins"

"Land planning in the sustainable management of protected natural areas"


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